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    Free the SPWeb!

    Every SharePoint developer knows that you need to free resources that you have used... like SPWeb (and others too!). Most often freeing up the resources are easily managed with the nice using -statement like this: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 using ( SPSite...
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    Adding users to SharePoint dynamically at first request after authentication

    That title says it all! Well I was working on case where SharePoint was configured to use external authentication. This external authentication was hosted outside SharePoint and it could be used by many other services too. End users of SharePoint would...
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    Starting workflow from eventhandler

    I just wanted to make quick post about starting the workflow from code. You might want to use this stuff in your eventhandlers for starting workflows automatically in some weird scenarios. But no more explaining since this is pretty straightforward. Here...
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    Feedback web part

    A while back I got a question that how would I solve "feedback feature request" for my customers case (platform was MOSS 2007). Idea is that from every page of the portal you could go and give feedback. And if you do give feedback it would be important...
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