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    COMException error messages

    Quick caveat; I am not a hardcore COM guy. I do work with COM quite a bit but most of it is hobbyist work at home. So if I make any COM errors here please let me know and I will correct them. Now onto the fun stuff. Pure COM uses HRESULTS to indicate...
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    File method and property names

    Several APIs that I have worked with deal with the file system in some form or fashion. However there does not seem to be any sense of unity with respect to property and method names when it comes to the display form returned or processed. The two most...
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    Code snippets in Whidbey

    I haven't had a chance to try out code snippets yet but I've found a couple of other people blogging about them http://blogs.msdn.com/jamesnewkirk/archive/2004/06/02/147153.aspx http://jasonkemp.ca/archive/2004/07/18/197.aspx And a good article by O'Reilly...
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    Rediscovering Macros with MC++

    I've been coding primarily in C# for a couple of years now. Up until recently it had been almost a year since I coded any real C++ code. Now that I am using MC++ at home I am starting to get back in the habbit and last night I rediscovered macros (you...
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March, 2005