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    Monad: Detecting if you are an Admin

    One of the LUA tasks I found very frustrating was detecting whether or not I was running as an Admin in a .BAT script. It's very difficult to do this correctly and the best way I found was to write a separate program that would determine this for me....
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    Shell Scripting with Monad

    I spent a bit of my college days in *nix land. Much of that time was spent writing and maintaining scripts for my various shell accounts. After I switched to primarily developing on Windows, I was frustrated by the Windows CMD shell and eventually lost...
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    Quick Monad Scripts

    Determine if a command exists in your path. Very helpful when you are writing scripts for mulptiple machines. $local:cmd = get-command doesnotexist -ea SilentlyContinue if ( $null -eq $cmd ) { # Action if command does not exist } ...
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November, 2005