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    C++ preprocessor and template identifiers

    A couple of hours of tracking down a compiler error a couple of days ago taught me something about the preprocessor I'd like to pass on so others can avoid the ... learning :). I kept getting confronted by "constant expression must be followed by a...
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    Dispose vs Delete

    Programs allocate resources for use during execution. The problem with resources is that they are limited and often times need to be recycled. Languages devise constructs and patterns for developers to periodically free up resources so that their programs...
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    LUA + MSI + Luanch program now on Vista

    I'm a huge fan of the LUA support in Vista. It has it's quirks but it's a major step forward for Windows programming. As a former *nix guy I've had to run LUA the hard way before Vista. The support in Vista is tons better than it used to be. There...
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December, 2006