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    Readonly TextBox that doesn't look funny

    When you make a WinForm TextBox ReadOnly, it aquires a distinctive look because it changes the background. Users often want the appearance of the TextBox to stay the same, they just don't want it to be mutable. Here's a snippet to make a TextBox ReadOnly...
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    PowerShell and SVN

    I often delete versioned files from Visual Studio without great care for the source control impact. However I eventually have to go through and clean up the mess I made by not properly deleting the files from svn as well as on disk. When you delete a...
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    Blogging about Code

    It's somewhat frustrating to try and post code to the internet for your blog. Getting the color scheme right isn't easy if you're like me and don't use a standard color scheme for coding. I prefer a very dark coding environment (inkpot) and most people...
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February, 2007