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    Closures in VB: Part 1

    One of the features I implemented for VB 9.0 is lexical closure support. This a great addition to the VB language and I wanted to do a series of blog posts to describe this feature and how it will impact your code. Lexical Closures (more often referred...
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    CoSetProxyBlanket and Managed Code

    When running FxCop on any managed code that uses CoSetProxyBlanket you will see an error message saying the method cannot be called reliably from managed code. I've hit that message before was frustrated by my attempts to find an explanation on the web...
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    Debugging Managed Code with Object ID's

    Just found out about a neat way to keep track of managed object references while debugging. Check out this blog entry http://blogs.msdn.com/greggm/archive/2007/01/17/setting-conditional-breakpoints-using-object-ids.aspx
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April, 2007