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    A more usable API for a mutable thread safe collection

    In my last post we discussed the problems with designing a safer API for mutable thread safe collections that employ only an internal locking system. The result was an API that was more difficult to mess up, yet pretty much unusable. Lets take a look...
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    Why are thread safe collections so hard?

    Writing a collection which is mutable, thread safe and usable is an extremely difficult process. At least that’s what you’ve likely been told all through your schooling. But then you get out on the web and see a multitude of thread safe lists, maps and...
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    Simulating Closures in PowerShell

    Previously I blogged about PowerShell’s lack of closure support within a script block.  This presents a significant hurdle in developing a LINQ like DSL for powershell which I’ve been working on.  Imagine the following syntax $a = from it in...
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February, 2009