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    Extension Methods and the Debugger

    One source of confusion I find myself clearing up a lot is the use of evaluating extension methods in the debugger windows.  Users report evaluation as working sometimes but not others for the exact same piece of code.  Such flaky behavior can...
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    Disable copy construction when the type is not copy safe

    A couple of days ago I finished coding up a feature in our C++ code base, hit F5 and was met with a nasty memory corruption debugger dialog. After about an hour of investigation it appeared one of my types was living past the lifetime of it’s owning...
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    Converting System.Func<T1..TN> to FSharpFunc<T,TResult>

    Interop of delegate style types between F# and other .Net languages is a pain point that results from a fundamental difference in how delegates are represented in the F# language.  Typical .Net languages like C# see a delegate as taking 0 to N parameters...
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    VsVim Update Released (Version 0.8.2)

    I just released an update to VsVim for Visual Studio 2010.  This is available on the extension manager in Visual Studio or can be downloaded directly at the following link. Link: http://visualstudiogallery.msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/59ca71b3-a4a3-46ca...
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    Advanced Multitargeting in VB.Net

    Multi-targeting is a feature introduced in Visual Studio 2008 which allows developers to use new versions of Visual Studio to target earlier versions of the .Net platform.  It allowed users to target both the new 3.5 and 3.0 and the previous 2.0...
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July, 2010