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  • Blog Post: ActiveObject

    I've been busy lately and neglected my series on Active Objects .  It's been a fairly busy time for me both in and out of work.  Enough excuses, back to the fun. With the basic PipeSingleReader class, we now have the last piece necessary to create an ActiveObject.  This article will focus...
  • Blog Post: PipeSingleReader

    Before we can get to building an Active Object implementation, there are some more primitive structures we need to define. Active Objects live on a separate thread where every call is executed in a serialized fashion on that thread. The next primitive will allow us to easily pass messages in the form...
  • Blog Post: Active Objects and Futures

    Herb Sutter gave one of my favorite and inspiring presentations.  It is called "The Free Lunch is Over".  The original article can be found here .  My first encounter though came from his PDC presentation and highly recommend viewing that as well. The part that interested me...
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