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  • Blog Post: Flattening class hierarchies when debugging C#

    One piece of feedback I heard in the MVP sessions this week is that debugging deep class hierarchies in C# is painful.  By default C# will only display the fields and properties declared on a given type.  To get to base class members you must expand the base node.  For large hierarchies...
  • Blog Post: Code Smell: Psychic classes

    Psychic classes have the appearance of ignoring data provided to it in an attempt to provide you with an answer they predict is better for the situation.   It’s impossible to look at a the data provided to an instance of the class and understand what queries on the object will return because...
  • Blog Post: Dvorak keyboard … is it really faster ???

    Most people discover I’m a Dvorak user because they’re in my office, attempt to drive during a conversation and find they are typing gibberish. I take the keyboard, hit CTRL+LEFT_SHIFT and they’re on their way again. Well at least until they open up a new window. It usually leads to a conversation about...
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