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  • Blog Post: Newlines in the immediate window

    A question came up recently on stack overflow concerning the display of newlines in the immediate window.   The author noted that any .ToString method which contained a newline printed incorrectly when evaluated in the immediate window.  For example given the following ToString implementation...
  • Blog Post: Why is LINQ absent from debugger windows (Part 2)?

    Some readers may remember an article I published almost half a year ago about LINQ being absent from the debugger windows.  That post explored the initial design of the feature, it’s limitations and ultimately why it was absent but promised a future article on a slightly different approach. ...
  • Blog Post: Nothing is private in the debugger

    The goal of the debugger is to provide rich inspection capabilities for a process.  The main method of inspection is through the evaluation of textual expressions which is handled by a language specific component known as the expression evaluator . This component is the data provider for a good...
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