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  • Blog Post: Functional C#: Providing an Option Part 2

    In my previous post I discussed creating an Option style construct for C#/.Net.  This post is a followup with the complete code snippet.  It’s been updated in response to several bits of feedback I received.  Namely Option is now a struct vs. class Added equality metrics Allowing implicit...
  • Blog Post: Unfold

    F# has a handy method called Unfold.  Think of it as the logical opposite of an Aggregate function.  Aggregates take a sequence of elements and convert them to a single element.  An unfold method will take a single element and turn it into a (potentially infinite) sequence of elements...
  • Blog Post: Functional C#: Providing an Option

    Sorry for the terrible pun in the title.  I wanted to blog about developing an F# style Option class for C# and I couldn't resist. The basics of an Option class are very straight forward.  It's a class that either has a value or doesn't.  It's almost like nullable but for every type and...
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