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  • Blog Post: Code Smell: Psychic classes

    Psychic classes have the appearance of ignoring data provided to it in an attempt to provide you with an answer they predict is better for the situation.   It’s impossible to look at a the data provided to an instance of the class and understand what queries on the object will return because...
  • Blog Post: Extension Methods and ByRef targets

    One of the seldom used, and often unknown, features of VB extension methods is that the argument of the extension method (the first parameter) can be passed by reference.  This gives extension methods the power to change the reference that was used to invoke the value!  Obviously this can produce...
  • Blog Post: Learching: Definition to live search

    Unfortunately when creating Live Search, the live team did not use a term which could easily be converted to a verb (i.e. google and google-ing).  The term "live searching" doesn't really flow well in a hallway conversation nearly as well as google-ing.  I live searched that movie...
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