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  • Blog Post: My next adventure

    After 4+ years on the languages team it’s time for me to move onto the next adventure.  I joined the languages team in the winter of 2006.  Since then I’ve worked on pretty much every part of the language experience including the compiler, debugger and IDE, shipped 2 releases of Visual Studio...
  • Blog Post: Presentation Follow up

    Thanks to everyone who showed up at the presentation on monday .  For those interested, I've uploaded the contents of the presentation here .  I was unable to upload the large DB file used during the demo due to size limitations (sky drive will only let me upload a 50 MB file).  But better...
  • Blog Post: Presenting at Net Developers Association Meeting Oct 27

    I will be presenting at the Net Developers Associating meeting this upcoming Monday.  If you're interested in hearing me ramble on in person please drop by.  Event Details: When: Oct 27 7:00PM Where: Microsoft Building 40: The Steptoe Room ( Map ) Who: Me Why: Blogging's fun but it's great...
  • Blog Post: Community Interview

    Recently I did a community interview with Microsoft MVP Alessandro Del Sole .  The Italian version can be read here.   And no, I don’t speak Italian.  The original transcript is below. 1. Nice to meet you Jared Parsons! Let’s begin by asking a simple question: where are you from? Born...
  • Blog Post: stackoverflow: a new addiction

    If you haven't visited stackoverflow.com yet I encourage you to take a trip. It's a great tag based newsgroup system. Check it out.
  • Blog Post: PInvoke Interop Assistant on Channel 9

    Beth Massi dropped by my office a couple of months ago and we did a channel 9 video on the PInvoke Interop Assistant .  Mainly an overview of the product and a bit of a tutorial.  Check out the video here. http://channel9.msdn.com/posts/funkyonex/The-P-Invoke-Interop-Assistant/
  • Blog Post: 5 things Hollywood thinks computers can do

    Reading another Jtenos' blog , I came across this article about things Hollywood thinks can be done with computers.  Humorous read. http://www.cracked.com/article_15229_5-things-hollywood-thinks-computers-can-do.html
  • Blog Post: Don't speak geek to your family

    In planning my recent vacation an email thread was started about who would be picking up the groceries.  Most importantly, who would be picking up the drinks.  My brother was quick to volunteer.  I said in no uncertain terms I didn't want any of drinkA [1].  In the past my brother...
  • Blog Post: First MSDN article

    The August issue of MSDN magazine will be carrying an article I wrote this spring.  In it I toy around with using the deferred execution and lazy evaluation properties of LINQ to create more responsive UI code.  You can view the article here .  As usual I appreciate any feedback you have...
  • Blog Post: ImmutableStack in F#

    When learning a new language I find it very instructive to re-code certain structures from my well used libraries into the new language.  It gives a great basis for comparison in terms of ease of implementation, expressiveness of the language and sheer ease of implementation.  So on that note...
  • Blog Post: Learning a new Language: F#

    Time again to learn a new language.  I enjoy picking up a new language every now and again.  It's a great way to branch out your skill set and usually leads to new programming techniques in languages that are a part of professional or hobby life. But why bother?  The popular languages...
  • Blog Post: Vacation

    I'm embarking upon another cross country road trip this week followed by a much needed vacation.  I will be actively blogging during this time (lots of backlogged material to get through) but without a decent internet connection the live blog will be ... quiet. 
  • Blog Post: Live Mesh accepting more users

    If you haven't tried out live mesh yet I really encourage you to try. It's an amazing well designed product and incredibly useful. It's still classified as a tech preview but now they are taking on additional users (doubling the current user base in size). http://blogs.msdn.com/livemesh/archive/2008...
  • Blog Post: Book Review: Facts and Fallacies of Software Engineering

    I finished reading Facts and Fallacies of Software Engineering a few weeks ago.  This is an excellent book and I recommend it for anyone who's been in the industry for a few years.  Typically I don't enjoy books of this type because I feel they are too preachy, written by people who aren't...
  • Blog Post: Inkpot Color Scheme

    I was reading Charlie's post on VS Color schemes and thought I would add my favorite to the list.  InkPot is a color setting for vim which I adapted to VS awhile back.  Very easy on the eyes.  You can download it here
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