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  • Blog Post: Having fun with events in F#

    Recently I ran into a situation where I needed to handle some events in F# in a special way.  In this particular case I wanted to be able to disable and re-enable my handler based on changes in the program.  Essentially the C# equivalent of continually adding and removing the handlers. ...
  • Blog Post: Properly handling a WinForms Timer event

    The WinForms Timer class allows the user to perform a particular action at a set interval.  Timer objects fire a Tick event at the set time which users can easily respond to.  This is very useful if a developer wants to check for a particular condition say every 2 seconds ( for the remainder...
  • Blog Post: AutoSize and DockStyle.Fill don't mix

    The title of this post essentially says it all.  AutoSize and DockStyle.Fill don't mix well together.  Both properties exist to describe the size relationship relative to the rest of the control but they do so in conflicting ways. AutoSize is a property describing the size of a control relative...
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