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  • Blog Post: Is IntPtr(long) truncating?

    The short answer is: No, not when it matters A colleague and I were discussing a particular scenario around IntPtr,PInvoke and 64 bit correctness.  Eventually our discussion lead us to the IntPtr constructor which takes a long.  To my surprise the code for the constructor is the following....
  • Blog Post: Program Files, I just want the 32 bit version

    As part of my transition into using 64 bit windows I keep running into a problem with some scripts.  I have a whole set of Powershell scripts that are dedicated to ensuring certain programs are installed on all of my dev machines.  Or that certain customizations are needed.  A lot of these...
  • Blog Post: Powershell and 64 bit windows helper functions

    Recently at work I started using Windows 2008 64 bit edition.  Mainly for hyper-v but powershell also comes as part of the deal.  I'm starting to work through the fun issues of getting some of my environment specific scripts to run in a 64 bit powershell process.  The following scripts...
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