After my last post, Dominic asked basically, "Well, what talks are you involved in?" The one I'm most involved in is CLI 323 WinFS: Schemas, Extensibility and the Storage User Experience. (That link should work, we'll see). You'll be hearing more about that as we get to the PDC. I'm helping on a couple other places, but that is the main focus for me (and reason I'll be attending). Everyone should check out the list of topics for this PDC, it's one of the reasons I'm jazzed to be going.

That said, the last PDC I was at is the one Dominic remembers best - PDC 2000 in Orlando. A heady experience, it included trips to Disneyland (world? I can never remember), the .NET detailed unveiling, and our first public build of Windows XP, known as Whistler at the time. My role was basically standing at a booth for 3 days to talk about the little we could on Windows XP. It was actually quite fun - despite the fact that we could only show so much, we got a fair amount of interest (particularly on the main themes we were talking about: UX, using the proper theme APIs, etc). I remember in particular some folks from IBM that were fairly excited, and that is where we met up with some of the WinZIP folks. Since then, every year or so I've gotten a cool mug or poster from those guys, fairly cool swag. Even the press at the show were fun to talk to, and we got through the week fairly well. The flipside, of course, is that this was 2 computers running on the show floor, whereas now we've got a ton of talks and lots of indepth stuff for developers on our latest operating system - a big departure from what we saw at PDC 2000. I hope this year we don't have to wear the black pants in the sweltering heat!