I'm all set for the PDC - but I don't have a hotel yet! Early last week, all the MS setup places were booked (at least for one night they all were) and I've been working with our travel folk to figure out where I can get a room. I'm there Saturday through Thursday, so it looks like it may even be split between two places. No word yet, of course. Should know more Monday.

Maybe I should just get a big ol' RV and camp out in front of the conference center? I could dress it up like the Monster House one. On the other hand, do I really need a place to sleep? It's L.A.after all, there's always something to do or see, right?

There's a number of interesting talks originating from the Windows Shell team at PDC. I'm planning to make all of them (when not hanging out in the UX Lounge, etc), this will be our first big presence in many years. I'm curious as well to the folk we will be seeing - what's going to be on their minds? How will they react to what we're doing, and what we're offering? October promises to be quite the waiting game.