Paolo Marcucci has made great progress on his PocketPC PDC app. I'm quite excited about it, despite not having a PocketPC... I'm hoping if I link him enough, I'll get one. I mean, wouldn't you want that kind of endorsement? I'll be sending Paolo some thoughts on what I'd like to see here, feel free to do the same. Hopefully we'll get something that meets all my needs. :)

As PDC approaches, the excitement and fear is growing palpable - will people love what we have to show? Will they be impressed? Will they be as excited as we are? I'm looking forward to meeting all these developers and seeing what they think of my work - and engaging one on one with them. Walter and Jeremy, for example, are chomping at the bit to spill the beans - a bit of this is pride, but a huge part is just saying, "hey... whaddya think? are we solving your needs?" My personal interest largely comes from the first unveiling of what I've been working on for 2+ years, and the feedback we'll get. To be clear, that means I (and Microsoft at large) am interested in what we need to change, as well as what works well and should be further brought forward. This is as close as I've been to having a kid, and I'm proud of this baby.

If we're doing a good job, that means this blog will likely get more interesting. If not, well... Maybe it will be back to the dungeons for me. :)

Oh, and thanks to the folks who've offered me hotel rooms in L.A. - Thanks! But I'm sure I can manage on my own. I appreciate the offers.