Alright, looks like I'm finally set for a hotel. I have one booked, and I'm working on actually setting something else up that would be cheaper for Microsoft and closer to the convention center - but at the very least, I have a place to sleep! It's an unbelievably good stress relief (sleeping in doorways in L.A. was not my idea of a good time).

I've also started to work out all the various people I wanted to catch up with and so on at the PDC. In addition in participating in talk CLI 323 (which is shaping up nicely!) I'll be in the UX Lounge (or so I'm lead to believe) where I'll be able to chat on that topic as well as many others. I'll post here what times I'll actually be around. As that usually gets changed at the last minute, expect to see something up on the 26th or so. There will also be a ton of other great user experience folks to chat to, many very knowledgeable on the topics the PDC is going to be about... More on that later.

It looks like people were fairly interested in my "quick and dirty" usability post - I think I'll add some more of that type of commentary in the near future. As usual, I'll try and keep it relevant and entertaining (of course, I have no idea if the first was...).