I'm such a slacker. I haven't posted in days!

I actually was writing up a post about video games and user experience, but I failed to post it because of the overall level of pretentiousness. If I can clean that up to make an actual point I may post it soon.

Paolo Marcucci's session browser for the PDC seems to have gone RTM over the weekend (or technically, RTW). He's been dealing with performance issues, and then made some tradeoffs of footprint vs. load times. I think he's gone the right way (at least with what he has to work with). Check it out.

Looks like we're coming into the homestretch leading to PDC. Lots of work remaining to be done on the slides (and lots of scratching of heads and asking, "Well, what 3 things will people take away from this?" and so on) as well as getting demos up and running to show off. I'm particularly giddy on that point, and I'll actually be doing one of the demos in the CLI323 talk.  

I'm starting to drink the Kool-aid myself - in fact, the only thing I'm not excited about is Los Angeles, but I'm sure it'll have it's moments too. But here I'll get to meet tons of developers, talk with folk about our work in Longhorn, and very likely get a ton of feedback on it. Now, if I can only get some sleep before we get there...