Jeremy recently blogged about a discussion we've had that relates to Longhorn, the new storage system, and what my team has been up to. Of course, since he's so willing to rip me off, feel free to go read his post, then come back and report here and we'll just steal all his comments away. :) I think the topic is worthy of further discussion, so I'll try and put that into written word at some point. Right now, as you can see from my updates, I'm clearly very busy.

That said, while Jeremy refers you to CLI323, make sure you also hit up his PDC Panel on Thursday (it's worth it - seriously, I'm missing it and I'm a bit annoyed about that), and even make it to our UX Lounge.

Apparently I'm also at some Ask the Experts function, something I find highly amusing due to the fact that I am clearly no expert. I'll be playing at one at the PDC, I guess - but secretly, I hope to learn just as much from all of you. That is supposed to sound cheesy, really.

Back to the mad rush...