Well, it’s just about time to head to Los Angeles . I’m flying out tomorrow, spending Sunday setting up, and getting excited to meet each and every one of you. Once that happens, the information flow will go from slow, slow trickle to incredibly fast, rushing river.


My primary goal, aside from getting to meet folks, chatting about user experience and storage in Longhorn is to get feedback on what we show and talk about – literally, what are we going to do differently based on what we hear?


A big part of the PDC is to learn what is going right. We’re super jazzed about that and obviously we expect a lot of it is going to be well received. But beyond that, I really want to know what it is we need to do to belt it out of the park. And that can mean changing plans – doing something different, doing something new, or even doing something less. This helps to keep us honest, but also serves to simply make sure we’re building the absolute best product we can. Therefore I invite you to make sure we know not only what you think is right about what we are doing, but also what's wrong!


I promise the blog will get to some more interesting UX-focused posts soon. Maybe I’ll write something on the plane.