I think tonight I'll be going to the Birds of a Feather session, Weblogging: The Future of Conversational Software. Not sure what it holds in store, but it looks interesting. If you are blogging the PDC, it's worth attending, I'm sure.

Other random tidbits: Network access got way better later in the day. Seems they sorted out the kinks. Also, traffic started to improve to the UX Lounge, but it's clear that we're a) undiscoverable, b) hard to get around and in to talk to people. That's terrible for user experience, and several folks have been working to 're-shape' the area. The other thing is we've got a little stand that identifies the area as "Client." We'll get that fixed tomorrow (we're the Aero folks!).

The sessions were packed today - I spent some time walking around the hallways and I'm simply impressed. Every single room was packed beyond belief, people standing inside, people standing outside holding the doors in to watch, and people standing, sitting, laying around the big screen TVs outside each talk to follow along.

That probably means we've got your attention.