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July, 2005

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About Jason Barile

I'm a Principal Test Manager for Visual Studio at Microsoft. I currently work on the F12 developer toolbar in IE as well as other tools features in VS for JavaScript development.  Prior to this I was a Test Manager for Visual Studio Team Foundation Server and a Test Lead/Tester in the Windows Shell. 

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    VSNC Office on Virtual Earth

    By now, you've probably heard about the MSN Virtual Earth rollout. I thought it'd be fun to show everyone where the Visual Studio North Carolina office is in the Research Triangle Park: VSNC on Virtual Earth If you zoom out, you'll see we're conveniently...
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    Good luck NASA, or "The Dreaded No Repro"

    Poor NASA. Yesterday's shuttle launch was scrubbed at the last minute due to a malfunctioning fuel sensor. This particular sensor is responsible for shutting down the engines if the shuttle runs out of fuel. Apparently, their engine can run without fuel...
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    NewsBreak v1.1 released

    Ilium Software has released an upgrade to my favorite Pocket PC RSS reader - NewsBreak. The new version 1.1 is a free upgrade for registered owners of version 1.0, and includes (among many usability enhancements), a Today Screen plug in! Make sure...
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