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December, 2005

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About Jason Barile

I'm a Principal Test Manager for Visual Studio at Microsoft. I currently work on the F12 developer toolbar in IE as well as other tools features in VS for JavaScript development.  Prior to this I was a Test Manager for Visual Studio Team Foundation Server and a Test Lead/Tester in the Windows Shell. 

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    What is an SDET?

    I've received a few e-mails today asking what the SDET position is all about. SDET stands for "Software Development Engineer in Test". Note the "development" bit. The position is highly technical, which is a common misconception since testing at many...
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    A quiet week?

    It's a little quiet around the office this week, but don't let the lack of noise fool you. We're still hard at work on Team Foundation Source Control. I really enjoy these little breaks from time to time. It's easy to forget how just a few days of "down...
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    Webcast: Visual Studio Team System

    If you've heard about Visual Studio Team System but can't answer the top 10 reasons how it could help your software development team ("team" - as in "more than just your developers") be more productive, this video is a great place to start: Link: MSDN...
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