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May, 2006

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About Jason Barile

I'm a Principal Test Manager for Visual Studio at Microsoft. I currently work on the F12 developer toolbar in IE as well as other tools features in VS for JavaScript development.  Prior to this I was a Test Manager for Visual Studio Team Foundation Server and a Test Lead/Tester in the Windows Shell. 

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    New features for North Carolina

    Now that Team Foundation Server version 1 shipped, we're doing a little load balancing between the Redmond and North Carolina teams. As a result, my test team has taken on some new areas of ownership in addition to Version Control; we are now the proud...
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    Confidence in quality

    "Confidence in quality" is a concept I've been thinking about quite a bit lately and I thought it'd be an interesting topic to cover here. I'm curious what other people think about this idea and what you do to increase confidence in your quality assessments...
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    More SDET and Lead SDET openings in Raleigh!

    Just a quick note to let everyone know I have several openings for SDETs and Lead SDETs in our office in Raleigh, NC. For details, check out http://members.microsoft.com/careers/search/default.aspx and search for jobs in NC-Raleigh. Please submit resumes...
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    Thumb blogging

    I'm trying a little experiment in mobile blogging today using the latest drop of Kevin Daly's Diarist for Windows Mobile and SPb's full screen keyboard SIP on my Axim x50v. It has been a little frustrating getting used to tap-typing on the screen with...
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