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May, 2007

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About Jason Barile

I'm a Principal Test Manager for Visual Studio at Microsoft. I currently work on the F12 developer toolbar in IE as well as other tools features in VS for JavaScript development.  Prior to this I was a Test Manager for Visual Studio Team Foundation Server and a Test Lead/Tester in the Windows Shell. 

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    Turns out a former co-worker of mine was a contributor on the TFS Guidebook I recently blogged about . Jason Taylor and I worked together back in my Windows days on a virtual team looking for ways the various test orgs around the Desktop Client division...
  • Jason Barile - Testing Testing

    Check out the new TFS Playbook

    J.D. Meier just posted about the new bea release of the Software Development with Visual Studio Team Foundation Server Guide. The guide covers topics ranging from best practices for structuring Team Projects to branching & merging strategies, etc...
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