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    Goodbye and Hello

    I know I haven’t posted for a long time, but I’ve been REALLY busy. These last few months, weeks, days have been hectic as I finished up projects at Microsoft preparing for my departure… That’s right, I have left Microsoft. I’m not going far; I’ll still...
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    Headed to Tech Ed, Again

    I'm sitting on the floor of SeaTac airport (borrowing electricity once again from a outlet in a corner) waiting to head to Los Angeles and then I'll be off to Auckland, New Zealand and Canberra, Australia. I was so excited to get to go until someone reminded...
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    Searching Custom Fields

    Late last night, someone posted a question to the microsoft.public.crm newsgroup regarding the fact that a new field they created in the Schema Manager wasn't showing up in the Advanced Find tool. This is a pretty easy one... The simple answer is that...
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    A Brief Introduction

    Here it is, my first entry. Before I get into why I'm starting this, let me tell you a little about myself... I started out my career in the United States Army. I trained as a UAV pilot on the Hunter UAV and an intelligence analyst. While in the Army...
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