On my Universal I've been trying a number of RSS Readers to keep myself up to date with what's happening in the world of Mobile.  My previous favourite RSS reader was Newsbreak however I was having a few issues with it on Windows Mobile 5 so I decided to take a look around.

I ended up looking at two other products:

Egress - http://www.handango.com/PlatformProductDetail.jsp?siteId=1&jid=4235C8D932F78551FEDDX8317X4138DB&platformId=2&N=96806&productId=93539&R=93539

BeetzStream SmartRSS - http://www.handango.com/PlatformProductDetail.jsp?siteId=1&jid=4235C8D932F78551FEDDX8317X4138DB&platformId=2&N=96806&productId=171702&R=171702

I seem to have fallen in love with Egress as it just seems to work really really well and I struggled with the SmartRSS interface :(

What RSS reader do you use on your Smartphone/Pocket PC?