A great day today!  A package arrived with my HTC Wizard today!

I haven't had much time to tinker with it today but I wanted to post my first thoughts.

1. Wow!  This device is amazing - it is slightly thicker than the iMate JAM but is still pocketable.

2. Windows Mobile 5.0 makes such a difference when using the device as a phone.   I used to love the JAM form factor but never really got on with it as a phone.

3. Keyboard - the early prototypes I saw had the black keys - this has the silver keys which makes it much easier to type with.  The keyboard is exceptionally useable.

I'll post more later... I'll also pre-empt some comments and questions...

Have I fallen out of love with the Universal....  I still love the Universal as the Wizard doesn't have 3G - but it does look like a perfect mix of form and function.