Well If I had a pound for every email I'd had this week surrounding the availability of the Messaging and Security Feature Pack - I'd currently be holidaying at my beachfront property in the Carribean. 

Now we've released Exchange 2003 Service Pack 2 to the Web there is a lot of confusion as to how customers get hold of the Messaging and Security Feature Pack (MSFP) for their devices.

Let me try and clarify this.

  • MSFP will be available as an update to Windows Mobile 5 devices early Q1 2006.  The update will be provided through OEMs and Operators.
  • The reason for the time difference is the different business models of our Server and Device platform.  When we finalise a product in the Server space we can just release it to the Web for download and to distribution.  For Mobile Devices our release is delivered through OEMs and Operators as they perform the testing and integration of the device ROM whilst Microsoft provides the core operating system.  Be assured that all operators and OEMs are working really hard to bring this to market as soon as possible!
  • In the future all Windows Mobile 5 devices will have MSFP integrated - it's just the current gap between Windows Mobile 5 coming to market and MSFP being available where there is a grey area. 

Some common questions and answers I've had over the past week:

Q. Will MSFP be available for my Windows Mobile 2003 or earlier device?

A. No - MSFP will be an upgrade to Windows Mobile 5 devices.

Q. Can I download MSFP from Microsoft/Jason - can you send me a copy?

A. No - MSFP will be available as an upgrade through your OEM/Operator

Q. Is MSFP included in the Exchange 2003 SP2 download?

A. No - it is not - it will be released through OEM/Operators as described above.

Q. When will it be available?

A. Current plans are Q1 2006. Check with your OEM/Operator for their current plans/specific dates.



Hope this helps clear up some confusion - feel free to drop a comment/email to me if there are any other questions you have.