As part of our Exchange 5.5 Unplugged Tour - I thought it'd be fun to show some of the devices that were around in 1997 (when Exchange 5.5 launched) - our first devices didn't really start appearing till 1999 so I've just picked a couple of those.  They seem HUGE compared to today's devices!

The Philips Nino 300 was the first Pocket PC (Palm-sized PC) I had - what a beauty that was - Black and White screen but a 75Mhz Processor!


Compaq_Aero_2100_straight.JPG (11349 bytes)

The first colour device I had was the Compaq Aero 2100 - this baby had a 70Mhz Processor a massive 8MB of memory

The specs are even still on HP's website :) 

Haven't we come a long way in the past 5 years!!