I got reminded by a customer that I haven't updated the - what devices am I carrying post for the past couple of months - so it's about time I updated it! Last post I was desperate to get my hands on an HTC Wizard and an i300 - my wishes were granted :)


SP5 - I'm now using an Imate SP5 as my main phone - I was using the HTC Wizard but decided to try the SP5 - I had the SP5m for a while but I much prefer the larger numeric buttons on the SP5 as it makes texting/emailing much easier. 

Wizard - I still *love* this device - it's the best compromise between size and functionality - if I only had one device - I'd probably pick this one!

Universal - I'm actually using this a lot - mainly as my 3G data modem but also for the typical Pocket PC Phone capabilities such as email and opening attachments.  I've been using it a lot recently for reviewing Powerpoint presentations ahead of my Exchange 5.5 unplugged and IT Forum presentations.

Samsung i300 - I got loaned one of these by a colleague - it's a GREAT phone - I use it mainly for the combination of music (with it's 3GB hard drive) and just being a really good phone!

Still with me

Samsung Portable Media Center - In the past month I've been in Munich, Madrid, Paris, Barcelona and Milan.  My PMC entertains me whilst I'm travelling as I can watch it on the plane or even plug it into the hotel TV :)  


HTC Typhoon with Windows Mobile 5.0 - I've got the SP5 now.

As always - there is also all the other secret stuff that I carry that I can't tell you about... :)