I'm currently receiving lots of email generated mainly by some sites claiming that there are delays in our Push Email solution.

This is total nonsense - there are no delays.

AKU 2.0 has already been provided to device manufacturers and already the first device has appeared containing AKU 2.0.  Unfortunatley it isn't in Europe but in Taiwan http://blogs.msdn.com/jasonlan/archive/2005/12/19/505653.aspx 

Other manufacturers are working on releasing updates and new devices containing AKU 2.0 and they will be available shortly.

The dates when they are available are defined by the OEMs and are dependant on integration and network testing efforts.

For those of you not familiar with Windows Mobile business model - unlike Windows Desktop.   We have an OEM business model.  We create the underlying operating system and then device manufacturers integrate their drivers and then test it on Mobile Operator networks.

Typically when we provide updates to our mobile platform in can take anywhere between 3-6 months for devices to appear on the market once the network testing and integration has been performed.

This is nothing new and is true of every Windows Mobile release.   For example Windows Mobile 5.0 - which we released to Device Makers in April and announced in May.  Devices started appearing in the August timeframe. (3 months later)

Hope that helps clarify the confusion that these sites are creating.