O2 recently sponsored a report with the Centre for Economic and Business Research (CEBR) to investigate the impact of Mobile Phone's on Business.

The report you can read it ... http://www.o2.com/media_files/CEBR4.pdf 

The report reveals that mobile workers now represent 27% of the total UK workforce, with 69% of the workforce considering mobile essential to conducting their jobs effectively. Mobile workers consist of those who spend more than a third of their working day out-of-the-office travelling, at meetings, working offsite or at home. Two thirds (more than 5 million) of UK mobile workers are found to be represented by mobile blue-collar workers. 

So can you live without your mobile?

I don't think I could.... it's fudamental to be being able to talk with customers, stay on top of my email, give me my diary and tell me what I'm supposed to do :)  Quite a lot of responsibility for such a little guy!

I think the most telling example was when we were in antenatal classes and the midwife said to the mothers - make sure Dad to be always has their mobile phone close to hand in the 2 weeks before due date... my wife replied - "it's never out of his hand" :(