I was chatting to the guys over at Expansys and we were talking about a number of Pocket PC and Smartphone's coming available this month and in the coming months... so I've pulled together a summary for you below...

The first of the new HTC devices is available, the HTC TyTN and is an evolution from the popular Qtek 9100 (imate-Kjam).
The Tytn combines a 400 MHz processor,  Bluetooth verson 2.0 with  3G connectivity for both the EU and the US in the popular form factor - to my knowledge this is the first PDA ever to offer dual band 3G connectivity.
The TyTN is due to be shipping in the UK by the 3rd week of July!
HTC TyTN Pocket PC Phone (English, QWERTY)  

The next is the iPAQ hw6915��s, these have now arrived in Expansys warehouse and are available to order today.
… these are the first WM5 devices to combine a QWERTY keyboard, Bluetooth, Wifi and an in-built Sirf III GPS receiver. Two versions are available, the hw6915 above and the camera-less hw6910 below:

HP iPAQ hw6915 Mobile Messenger (English, QWERTY, UK)
The latest evolutions of the ETEN devices, the M600+ and G500+ now include 400 MHz processors, Bluetooth Version 2.0 and 256Mb memories, placing them among the fastest and most powerful devices in the field.

E-TEN M600+  Pocket PC Phone (English, UK)
The M600+ combines Bluetooth, Wifi and a 2 mega pixel camera whereas the G500+ combines Bluetooth with an inbuilt Sirf III GPS receiver.
The first of these is the Qtek 8500, the first WM5 Smartphone to be an ultra slim, clam-shell form factor similar  in size to the popular Motorola Razr:
            … These have now launched in the UK and are available to purchase today.

Qtek 8500 Smartphone (Black)

The second is the HTC MTeoR which is an evolution from the Qtek 8300 &8310 (I-mate SP5 & SP5M. The MTeoR is the first Smartphone to boast a 300MHz processor and built in 3G connectivity)
Expansys tell me stock is due to arrive in the UK before the end of this month.

HTC MTeoR Smartphone