Nearly 3 years ago Microsoft, Nokia and Vodafone started an initiative called the Mobile Top Level Domain.  Since then a huge number of partners and what are traditionally competitors have joined this initiative. 

The Mobile Top Level Domain has now become .Mobi (or dotmobi) and launches today so you can register your domain name with a .mobi extension.

So why is this exciting ? Well how many times have you tried to surf the Internet from your device only to find that all the sites have been designed for a 17" 1024x768 screen?  How many times have you waited for a complex site to download and then given up?

.mobi defines site construction to eliminates the use of frames, heavy graphics, pop-ups and auto-refresh to ensure you can access the internet quickly and cheaply from a mobile device.

So if you access a .mobi site you'll know that it will work on a mobile device!

Another WAP I hear you cry? Well not so... with the hugely powerful devices now available you don't have to distill the experience down to just text!

Over 12,000 companies have already registered their brands online for their .mobi site and some sites are even launched...

For example:

info services:,

sport & leisure:




My favourite so far - of course - you can now access your hotmail/live mail, spaces and even mobile search!

I've already registered with Hostway

If you want to check out a really cool service for creating for first .mobi site - go to and create your own mobile site right in the browser!