There are a huge number of threads circulating the blogosphere right now about how to extend the battery life of the Samsung Blackjack device.

Everyone seems to *love* the device but want the battery to last much longer.....

Now I got slammed by a few folks after my last post about doubling the i320 battery life... so let me be clear that mileage may vary on any of these recommendations.. :)

Firstly Howard Forums have found a way to enable just Edge and GPRS and disable HSDPA which extends battery life (of course if you need HSDPA this is useless).  The solution takes you to a secret administration screen that allows you to choose between HSDPA or EDGE/GPRS.  You have to dial a long number string but I'm sure some smart developer will figure a way round this soon :)

Secondly there is now an option to buy a larger capacity battery.  The standard battery is 1200mAh whereas the extended battery is 1800mAh.  You can see the accessories HERE