As a Microsoft employee I often get beaten up about how many other organisations are out-innovating us... something I obviously defend vehemently as I do believe we are creating some great innovations in the industry!

I read with interest the article posted on about the 20 most innovative products of the year!  MSMobiles called out that the T-Mobile Dash got #10 however there is a more interesting story here - Office 2007 got #1 and no Symbian based devices? (Blackberry Pearl got 17)

I'm suprised there wasn't a mention for the Samsung Blackjack either

#1 Office 2007 - I have to admit that Office 2007 is the first release I've really got excited about for sometime!  The ribbon view and Outlook make it worth it for me!

You can now try Office 2007 Free for 60 days.  Be warned though - once you've tried Outlook 2007 there is no going back to 2003....

You can get the trial HERE