Yesterday the The Future Laboratory and Microsoft Windows Mobile shared the work we've been doing around how mobile technologies are affecting people's work style is changing with the advances in technology.

Today, according to Microsoft Windows Mobile research, nearly half of all workers (46.8%) have jobs that involve them working away from the office and with the proportion balanced more towards men at 63.6% than women at 33.8%. From this, 41% of the men who spend time out of the office say that it constitutes more than 10 hours (or more than a day) each week.


This is an area I've always felt very passionate about as I personally live 90 miles from the Microsoft HQ in Reading so each journey is 180 mile round trip! Thankfully Microsoft itself has a very open approach to flexible working so I can ultimately work from anywhere in the world!  One of my best friends works for a large oil company who are the exact opposite - he lives a similar distance away but his company insists that he come to the office each day - even though he spends his whole day talking with his colleagues on the phone as they are all based across Europe!


I see lots of discussion around flexible working and work life balance however most organisations get the two confused. Our Future Laboratory work has shown that people want to blend their personal and work lives as they lines between them are becoming blurred.


Our work with the Future Laboratory has been collated into a report which I have attached to this blog article.


I'd be interested in your thoughts.