I got reminded by a customer yesterday that I hadn't updated my - What devices am I carrying - post for sometime. 

If you've read my blog you will know that I was a huge fan of the Treo 750 (and still am) but something happened just before Christmas that caused me to change my device...

I had a customer who was having a problem with their Treo 750 battery (which actually turned out to be a broken charger) so I gave them my battery out of my phone.

I had just been sent an HTC Excalibur/S620 device by one of my US colleagues so I swapped my SIM to that device.  

Interestingly I've always been a Pocket PC guy as I preferred the stylus input and used it a lot to take notes on the device.  

I forced myself to use the HTC S620 just to see how I would fair with a Smartphone/Non-Touchscreen keyboarded device.  I have to admit for the first couple of days I would stab in vain at the screen to select the soft keys and certain options but following that short period of insanity I've adjusted to the Smartphone.

If you haven't had a chance to get hands on with an S620 (T-Mobile Dash)  you will be amazed by how small it is.  

The two things I am most amazed by however were:

1) Battery life - I have never seen the battery low warning ever.... I do charge the device every night (as I also need to be recharged as my standby/talk time is only 16hrs) but it also runs for a whole weekend from Friday to Monday without issue either.   This is with Bluetooth turned on, Push Email enabled and Newsbreak pulling down my RSS Feeds regularly.

2) The JOGGR - If you haven't tried the S620 or Dash - on the right of the device is a non-mechnical jog wheel for navigation. I thought this was a bit of gimmick to start with however I now use it frequently not to move up down in my mailbox but actually to help me speedread/find content in emails themselves.  The JOGGR operates by sliding your finger up/down the right side of the device.  The further down you are the faster it scrolls, the closer to the centre - the slower it scrolls.  It's actually quite handy.

Now apart fron the S620 the other devices I'm carrying are:

  • O2 XDA Orbit - this is a fantastic Pocket PC Phone device with integrated GPS.  I'm running ALK Co-Pilot on it for my Sat Nav
  • Fujitsu Siemens Pocket Loox T830 - now this device isn't the prettiest devices but it certainly shows off pretty much every technology/feature you can have in Windows Mobile - 3G, WiFi B&G, GPS integrated, QWERTY Keyboard etc..... It's the Hummer of Windows Mobile devices :)
  • i-mate SPL - This is the Windows Mobile Smartphone that has a lot in common with the Motorola SLVR... great Smartphone device!

There are a few other secret devices I'm carrying that I can't share unfortunately.... more on those as they get announced :)

Oh.. and of course my Zune :)