I have a dilemma... I just got hold of a Samsung Blackjack and as you may have read I'm loving the HTC S620. 

So which one should I use as my primary device?

After using the Blackjack for the past day or so... here is my brief summary...

The Voice Quality on the Blackjack seems to be a little better - saying that it just seems to be louder outside of the actual device itself.   

The keyboard on the Blackjack is much more pronounced than the S620 however I have got used to the S620 keyboard now.  One thing that is much better is on the Blackjack is that the * and # keys are in the right place (either side of the 0 key) as I've lost count the number of times I've incorrectly dialed into a conference call.

The scroll wheel on the Blackjack is good and gets all my Blackberry totting customers excited however I've got used to the Jogger on the Dash.

The Blackjack has 3G and HSDPA, the Dash is 2.5G.....

My big downer on the Blackjack however are the proprietary connectors... even worse I'm not sure the device charges via USB..... :(

So with all that taken into consideration.... what am I going to use... well I'm going to try the Blackjack for a few days and see how I get on. 

I'd be interested to hear thoughts from those who have tried both....