One of my sessions at our Mobile and Embedded Developer Conference (MEDC) is entitled the Top 10 Security Objections to Deploying Windows Mobile (and how to overcome them).  I'm pulling together my content for this session and wondered if people had comments on:

a) The Top 10 that I've picked.

b) The priority in which you might place them...

c) Any I've missed?

The current list isn't in any priority order at the moment.


1.We really don’t want to have incoming ports being opened....

2.How can we stop untrusted devices accessing Exchange?

3.We have to implement 2 Factor Authentication..

4.Do we really need to use ISA Server?

5.We don’t want to cache passwords on the device..

6.There is no way we’ll allow this solution as you can download attachments

7.We must have on-device encryption...

8.What is wiped when you remote wipe a Windows Mobile device?

9.What about Anti-Virus support?

10.Couldn’t someone perform a Denial of Service (DOS) Attack?


Love to hear your thoughts..... feel free to post a comment