With the release of the T-Mobile Dash Upgrade and the Orange SPV E650 and HTC S710 as well as the E-Ten upgrades a number of you should now be experiencing Windows Mobile 6.

I've been running it since very early betas as 'Crossbow' so I've become very used to the advanced capabilities it provides.  Because we get such early access to a lot of beta software in Microsoft we tend to forget how powerful some of the new features/functions are as you take them for granted so quickly (same with Vista)

I'm intrigued to understand what people love/hate/can't live without about Windows Mobile 6.

Here's my list...

Love - Server Search, enhanced Calendar capabilities (particularly seeing attendees and the visual bar), Office Mobile on Smartphone

Hate - Why can't I have Windows Mobile 6 on my Samsung i600 :(

Can't live without - HTML email, Smartfilter on email, Sending contact information via text message, Windows Live

So what do you love/hate/can't live without?