Over the weekend I was playing with one of the i-mate Momento picture frames.  I-mate is known primarily for their Windows Mobile devices but this picture frame is a very cool piece of consumer electronics.

The picture frame does not use Windows Mobile but Windows embedded software and comes in two sizes 7inch and 10inch.  It has support for a wide variety of memory cards so you can just slot in a card from your camera and display your pictures.

The really interesting function of the picture frame though is it's support for the Momento Live service via it's integrated Wireless 802.11 b/g support.

If you sign up online then you can upload pictures to the service or just email them to the email address that is setup.  A few seconds later the picture frame then notifies you that a new picture has arrived! 

This picture frame could be a great present for Grandparents/in-laws to share pictures of grandchildren and family (as long as they have WiFi and Broadband)

Like Slingbox this is now one of my favourite pieces of consumer electronics!