Over the past few years a large majority of Windows Mobile Devices have been released with QWERTY keyboards, this has primarily been due to the demand for mobile messaging.  Strangely though if you look into Smartphone device sales across EMEA in almost every country the Top 10 devices are all 12 key devices (That is devices with a numeric keypad not QWERTY).  In the US it is the reverse, the top 10 Smartphone devices sold are predominantly QWERTY devices.

Now with the success of the HTC Touch Dual, the emergence of the HTC S730 and a large number of rumoured and confirmed 12 key Smartphone devices (such as the BenQ E72)... is this resurgence going to gather momentum?

Do people want 12 key, QWERTY or touch screen devices?  I actually think it comes down to a very personal decision.  I personally love 12 key devices - I can live with T9 as the input method for email as well as IM on my device. 

I am pleased to see the resurgence of 12 key devices running Windows Mobile as are many people I'm sure :)