I've had a few people ask me this over the last few weeks so I thought it was time for a blog article!

Let me outline the problem..... You have a conference call at 5pm and someone sends you a conference call meeting request with the telephone number in the location details.

On a Windows Mobile Standard (Smartphone) device you will be able to click on the telephone number on the device and dial the number (see below)


On a Windows Mobile Professional (Pocket PC) device you can't click on the telephone number (see below)


There is a workaround to fix this and that's to put the Telephone Number in the body of the meeting request and prefix it with Tel: For Example - Tel:+441234567890

See the example below on a Professional device!


Unfortunately this isn't fixed in Windows Mobile 6.1 but you can bet I'm pushing hard on our Product teams to fix this inconsistency.