I've been writing this blog article in my head for a while now so I thought I'd actually publish it!

When I ask people what their perfect device would be I always get the typical answer of something impossibly thin with near infinity battery life and every capability under the sun....

Obviously there are a lot of engineering challenges that prevent that device from being built.  Instead I thought it would be fascinating to take the best bits from various devices and create your own ultimate device. 

Essentially some pick 'n' mix engineering :)

So to kick things off here is my perfect device:

Function/Spec Device
Keyboard QWERTY - The Treo 750 keyboard - still for me the benchmark on QWERTY keyboarded devices.
Screen The Motorola Q9h screen - IMHO the best screen for use in daylight/sunny places
Memory 128MB (or more)
Processor HTC TyTN 2
GPS AGPS from the HTC Touch Cruise
Hardware Buttons Mute Switch from the Treo 750
Dedicated Camera Button
An OK Button
A Start Key 
Scroll wheel from the Samsung Blackjack (or i600)
Speakerphone Motorola Q9h - An often forgotten feature but one I use a lot for conference calls
Camera 3 megapixel - from the HTC Touch Cruise
Form Factor HTC Excalibur
Voice Quad Band
Data capability 3G HSDPA 7.2 - WiFi a must

My perfect device would be a mix of the Treo 750, Motorola Q9h, TyTn 2, HTC Touch Cruise, Samsung i600 in the form factor of the HTC Excalibur. 

Of course if some kind manufacturer wants to build this I'd be very happy :)

What is your ultimate pick 'n' mix device ?