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  • Blog Post: Free Mobile Architecture Pocket Guide

    If you are a developer looking to build a Mobile Application on the .NET platform then I have great news for you! Our Developer team has been working with the Patterns & Practices team in Microsoft to update the Mobile Architecture Pocket Guide. This can now be downloaded from HERE
  • Blog Post: MSDN Windows Mobile Developer Chat

    Do you have questions regarding Windows Mobile application development that you need answers to? Our Developer team have setup a number of Windows Mobile Developer Chats where you can spend an hour with Microsoft employees and MVPs who are experts in Windows Mobile application development online. You...
  • Blog Post: Rob Tiffany on .NET Rocks

    My colleague Rob Tiffany recently did an interview with .NET Rocks .  Rob is a Development Guru for Windows Mobile and the interview is definitely worth a listen! You can check out the interview HERE Rob has a great blog HERE
  • Blog Post: Windows Mobile application Development Webcast part 2

    Tomorrow - Wednesday 10th at 10 AM PST is part 2 of our MSDN Webcast series on “Windows Mobile Application Development.” In tomorrow’s Webcast, MVP Maarten Struys and Constanze Roman will be diving deeply into how to use the Device emulator. They will show you how to get the most out of Device Emulator...
  • Blog Post: Introduction to Windows Mobile Development Webcast

    Tomorrow (September 3rd) there is a webcast available for those of you considering starting to develop applications for Windows Mobile.  The webcast is an introductory session on developing managed applications for Windows Mobile devices.   It will cover the tools that are available as...
  • Blog Post: MSDN Online Chats about Windows Mobile Application Development (and more)

    Our Developer team has setup a number of Online Chats where you can ask questions real time in a chat room.  The first one is scheduled for September the 16th and is an Application Development discussion. Windows Mobile App Dev Chat Do you have questions regarding Windows Mobile application development...
  • Blog Post: W3C release new Web standards guidance

    Late last week the World Wide Web (W3C) Consortium released a new set of Web standards to make it easier for people to browse the web from their mobile device. Mobile Web Best Practices 1.0 , published as a W3C Recommendation by the Mobile Web Best Practices Working Group , condenses the experience of...
  • Blog Post: Windows Mobile API Usage Tool

    We’ve just released to the web the Windows Mobile API Usage Tool . This tool will report on the APIs that are being used by your application.  It does this by scanning the CAB, MSI or Binary and then produces a report in SQL Mobile (.sdf file) It will also produce a list of the deprecated APIs that...
  • Blog Post: Windows Mobile MVP Spotlight – Maarten Struys

    Constanze has started interviewing some of the Windows Mobile MVP’s and publishing them.  First up is Maarten Struys from the Netherlands!
  • Blog Post: MSDN Webcast: Unit Testing for Mobile Devices

    Constanze Roman and Maarten Struys are delivering a web cast for developers today which covers the subject of Unit Testing within Visual Studio 2008. If you are a developer then this webcast could be very useful.  You can sign up to the webcast HERE it starts at 10am Pacific Time (GMT-8)
  • Blog Post: BT PayPhones case study

    We’ve recently published a great case study for BT Payphones.  BT Payphones, a division within BT Retail, has approximately 400 maintenance engineers who are now equipped with a Windows Mobile device and a solution they developed themselves using the .NET Compact Framework. BT Payphones operates...
  • Blog Post: 30 days of .NET Mobile Applications

    Chris Craft is helping new Windows Mobile developers by publishing a new Windows Mobile application every single day! It's day 25 of 30 and he's already published some great applications such as Weather, SMS Logger, Speedometer and even a flashlight. He is providing the source code and applications!...
  • Blog Post: Windows Mobile Developer WebCasts now Available on Demand

    Prior to and during Tech-Ed US 2008 a series of 5 webcasts was recorded to help developers start to develop for Windows Mobile. The series is now available on-demand so if you missed them first time round - now you have no excuse :) · Developing Applications for Windows Mobile Devices · Developing...
  • Blog Post: .NET the preferred choice for wireless applications

    Infoworld has just published article highlighting the recent results of a developer survey run by Evans Data where they looked at which platforms were being targetted for development. The great news was that the .NET Compact Framework came up #1 with 43% of developers targetting that with Java Micro...
  • Blog Post: Customising the sliding panel Home Screen

    Jorge from our Windows Mobile Developer team has written an excellent article on the Windows Mobile Team blog on how to customise the Sliding Panel Home Screen that we shipped as part of Windows Mobile 6.1 If you want more information you can read the full article HERE
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